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Crime Victims Have Additional Resource In Cold Case Investigations

By  Todd Spitzer: As a professional lawyer who specializes in Victims Rights, I hear the horrific stories of families who face unsolved investigations into the death of their loved ones.  Oftentimes, the victim, through their own detective work, continue to pursue leads that eventually lead to the re-opening of a criminal cold case investigation.  Here is another resource that might help all of us who seek justice on behalf of crime victims daily.


"Known as NamUs, the vast national registry lets relatives, law enforcement, victim's rights advocates, and anyone scan the records and search for information that could help solve these heartbreaking mysteries.

NamUs, which is run by the National Forensic Science Technology Center, is under the direction of the National Institute of Justice.

Story: $100,000 reward in Lisa Irwin disappearance

“We know that NamUs could really be the key to making a difference in the lives of families that have been waiting and waiting to find missing loved ones,” said Kristina Rose, deputy director of the National Institute of JusticeThere are more than 8,800 total missing persons cases on NamUs, of which 75 percent remain open, including one that goes back to the Great Depression """

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