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Governor Reverses Parole for Convicted Murderer Michael Garrett



By Todd Spitzer, Attorney at Law and Crime Victims Advocate:

In 1995, Debbie Moreau was beaten and then strangled to death by her live-in boyfriend Michael Garrett.  After the murder, Garrett wrapped the body in a sheet and secreted Debbie in a second room in the apartment while he proceeded to do drugs for the next eight days.  His over-dosed body was found by the landlady and Garrett was taken to the hospital where he, of course, recovered.  Upon a search of the residence, the landlady found Debbie's lifeless body.

Garrett was sentenced to Life with the possibility of parole.  In 2008 his parole was denied for three years.  In 2011, Shawn and Kelly Moreau testified against the release of Garrett.  The Board of Parole Hearings gave Garrett a parole grant despite the objections.  During the hearing, Shawn was so upset by the ruling that he was removed from the hearing room.  Kelly was also removed.  But they fought back:


When Kelly and Shawn began their crusade to try to convince Governor Brown to reverse his decision, Kelly found me through Facebook.  I began representing them.  My role was to review the 2008 and 2011 transcripts and determine the most compelling factual and legal arguments that we could make in order to convince Governor Brown to keep Garrett behind bars for as long as possible.

On Thursday, March 1, Governor Brown announced that he had reversed Garrett's parole Grant:







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